Adipurush day 3 box office collection: Prabhas starrer burns hotter than the sun

Adipurush, the epic 3D spectacle based on the Ramayana, has set the box office on fire with its phenomenal performance in its opening weekend. Adipurush, starring Prabhas as Raghav (Ram), Kriti Sanon as Janaki (Sita) and Saif Ali Khan as Lankesh (Raavan), has grossed over Rs 340 crore worldwide in its first three days of release. Let’s Find out what is how much Adipurush made on day 3 box office collection.

Adipurush day 3 collection
Adipurush day 3 collection

The film, directed by Om Raut, has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike, but that has not stopped the fans of Prabhas and the epic saga from flocking to the theatres. Adipurush has also faced some backlash over its dialogues and VFX quality, but the makers have reportedly made some changes to address the issues. Some say that the dialogues were so bad that even Lankesh wanted to return Janaki to Raghav after hearing them. And some say that the VFX was so poor that even Raghav couldn’t recognize his own face.

Adipurush India box office collection

Adipurush day 3 collection

In India, Adipurush has collected an estimated Rs 105 crore nett in its first weekend, with a consistent performance of Rs 35 crore nett each day. The film has recorded a good occupancy rate of over 60% in Hindi markets, despite facing competition from other releases and the Biparjoy cyclone in some regions. The film has also done well in other languages such as Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. In fact, some people have watched the film in multiple languages just to see if the dialogues make any sense.

The film is expected to hold well during the weekdays, as it has no major competition until June 23, when Salman Khan’s Radhe will hit the screens. The film has also benefited from the positive word-of-mouth and the star power of Prabhas, who has a huge fan following across the country. Some fans have even tattooed his name on their arms and chests. Some have even named their children after him.

Worldwide box office collection of Adipurush

Adipurush has also made a mark in the overseas markets, where it has grossed over Rs 235 crore in its first weekend. The film has performed exceptionally well in countries such as USA, UAE, UK, Australia and New Zealand, where it has broken several records for an Indian film. Adipurush has also received a good response in other territories such as Canada, Singapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

The film is likely to continue its strong run in the international markets, as it has received positive reviews from the overseas critics and audiences. Adipurush has also created a buzz among the global audience with its grand visuals and epic storytelling. Some people have even compared it to Hollywood films such as Lord of the Rings and Avatar. Some have even called it the best film ever made.

Adipurush day 3 collection

Here is a table summarizing the box office collection of Adipurush in its first weekend:

RegionDay 1Day 2Day 3Total
India (nett)Rs 35 croreRs 35 croreRs 35 croreRs 105 crore
India (gross)Rs 41.5 croreRs 41.5 croreRs 41.5 croreRs 124.5 crore
Overseas (gross)Rs 75 croreRs 80 croreRs 80 croreRs 235 crore
Worldwide (gross)Rs 116.5 croreRs 121.5 croreRs 121.5 croreRs 359.5 crore

Source: Various trade reports


Adipurush is a blockbuster hit that has proved the power of Indian cinema on a global scale. The film has surpassed all expectations and has emerged as one of the biggest openers of all time. Adipurush has also showcased the talent and vision of director Om Raut, who has delivered a stunning spectacle that appeals to all generations. The film has also cemented the status of Prabhas as a pan-Indian superstar, who has delivered a memorable performance as Raghav. Kriti Sanon and Saif Ali Khan have also impressed with their portrayals of Janaki and Lankesh respectively. Adipurush day 3 collection was around 360 Crore worldwide.

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Adipurush is a must-watch for all fans of epic cinema and Indian culture. The film is a tribute to the timeless story of Ramayana and its universal values of love, courage and righteousness.

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