You are currently viewing Beautiful! New Tata Siera Interior Features With Photos Inside

Beautiful! New Tata Siera Interior Features With Photos Inside

Tata Siera is a legendary SUV from Tata Motors that is set to make a comeback in 2024. The new siera will be a modern and futuristic vehicle that will offer both petrol and electric powertrains, as well as a host of advanced features and technologies. In this post we will discuss the future Upcoming TATA Siera Interior Features and what makes it unique with help of photos.

Siera Interior Features – Photos

Siera Interior Features - Photos
TATA Siera Interior Photos

One of the most striking features of the Tata Siera’s interior is the dual-screen layout that spans across the dashboard. The screens are embedded in different housings and do not mimic the Mercedes’ design on the E-Class. The centre screen will feature infotainment-related controls and the driver’s display will be kept for instrumentation, navigation and more. The screens will enable Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, voice commands, rear-view cameras, blind spot monitoring, and more.

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Tata Siera Futuristic Steering Wheel – Photos

Tata Siera Futuristic Steering Wheel - Photos
Tata Siera Futuristic Steering Wheel – Photos

The Siera will also have a futuristic steering wheel with toggles and buttons for various functions. The steering wheel will have a flat-bottom design and a piano black glass finish. There will also be an illuminated logo in the centre that adds to the premium feel of the cabin. The steering wheel will also have mounted controls for audio, cruise control, phone and other features.

Seating Configurations

Seating Configurations
Seating Configurations

The Upcoming Siera will be offered in two seating configurations – the regular 5-seater (with rear bench seat) and the 4-seater lounge version. The regular 5-seater will have ample space and comfort for all passengers, while the 4-seater lounge version will have independent seats at the rear with electric adjustment feature. The lounge seats will also have the ottoman function and individual display for the rear seat passengers. The seats will be upholstered in premium materials and have green seat belts that match the exterior colour of the concept model.

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Glass House Effect

Glass House Effect
Glass House Effect

One of the iconic design elements of the original Siera was the body-coloured B-pillar that gave it a distinctive look. The new Siera will retain this feature, as well as the C-pillar and rear portion that have a glass house effect. The enormous windows will wrap around the sides and back of the car, giving passengers a panoramic view. The glass house effect will also enhance the sense of space and airiness inside the cabin.

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Other Features

The TATA Siera Interior will also have other features that will make it a comfortable and convenient vehicle for long drives and adventures. Some of these features are:

  • A large sunroof that lets in natural light and fresh air
  • A computerized instrument cluster with crucial information
  • A wireless charging pad for smartphones
  • A multi-zone climate control system
  • A Harman Kardon sound system
  • 12V and USB outlets
  • Ambient lighting
  • Cup holders and storage spaces
Dual-Screen LayoutTwo screens embedded in different housings for infotainment and instrumentation
Futuristic Steering WheelFlat-bottom design with piano black glass finish and illuminated logo
Seating ConfigurationsRegular 5-seater or 4-seater lounge version with independent rear seats
Glass House EffectLarge windows that wrap around the sides and back of the vehicle
Other FeaturesSunroof, digital instrument cluster, wireless charging pad, multi-zone climate control, etc.

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The Upcoming TATA Siera will be a stunning SUV that will combine Tata’s legacy with modern technology. The interior features of the Siera will reflect its premium and futuristic character, as well as its practicality and versatility. The dual-screen layout, futuristic steering wheel, seating configurations, glass house effect and other features will make the siera a desirable vehicle for SUV lovers. We can’t wait to see the final production model of the Siera in 2024.

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