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Citroen C3 Positives and Negatives

Check Out Citroen C3 Positives and Negatives

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The Citroen C3, introduced to the Indian market in 2023, is a compact hatchback that aims to set itself apart with its distinctive design, comfortable interior, and peppy engine. As with any car, the Citroen C3 has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and in this article, we will delve into Positives and Negatives to provide you with a comprehensive review.

Citroen C3 Positives and Negatives

Pros of Citroen C3 (Positives)

Citroen C3 Positives and Negatives
Citroen C3 Positives and Negatives
  1. Striking Design: The Citroen C3 boasts a bold and modern appearance with its prominent grille, high-mounted headlights, and stylish LED daytime running lights. The car’s contrasting color options and customizable roof make it visually appealing and eye-catching.
  2. Attractive Cabin: Inside the C3, you’ll find a practical and aesthetically pleasing interior. The clean layout, user-friendly controls, and 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system, supporting wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, enhance the overall experience.
  3. Punchy Engine: The C3 offers two engine options – a 1.2-litre turbo-petrol engine producing 110 PS of power and 205 Nm of torque, and a 1.2-litre naturally-aspirated petrol engine generating 83 PS of power and 118 Nm of torque. Both engines, mated to manual transmissions, deliver commendable performance, whether it’s the turbo-petrol’s impressive torque or the NA petrol’s smooth driveability.
  4. Slick Gearbox: The 6-speed manual transmission paired with the turbo-petrol engine offers a seamless and precise gear-shifting experience. Although the 5-speed manual transmission for the NA petrol engine is not as remarkable, it still holds up well for city driving.
  5. Sorted Suspension: The C3 boasts a well-tuned suspension system, striking a perfect balance between ride comfort and handling. It handles road imperfections adeptly, providing a smooth ride quality. The light and responsive steering further enhance maneuverability in traffic.
  6. Compact Size: With its compact dimensions, the C3 is ideally suited for urban driving. Its ability to fit into tight parking spaces and navigate narrow lanes makes it a practical choice. Additionally, the high ground clearance allows it to tackle rough roads and speed bumps with ease.
  7. Excellent Infotainment System: The 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system is one of the highlights of the C3’s cabin. It offers a crisp display, fast response, and seamless connectivity. Supporting wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, it eliminates the hassle of cables and ports, providing a more enjoyable driving experience.
  8. Customization Options: The Citroen C3 offers extensive personalization choices, allowing you to choose from various color combinations for the body, roof, mirrors, wheels, grille inserts, and more. The array of optional accessories lets you further customize the car to suit your preferences.

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Cons of Citroen C3

  1. Missing Features: Despite its price range, the C3 omits some essential features expected in this segment. Electric ORVM adjustment, IRVM dimmer, climate control, reversing camera, alloy wheels, and tachometer are some notable omissions.
  2. Limited Variants: At launch, the C3 is available in just two variants – Feel and Shine. This lack of comprehensive variants means you may miss out on certain features that could have made the car more appealing and competitive.
  3. No Automatic Transmission: The absence of an automatic transmission option for either engine is a significant drawback, as automatics are becoming increasingly popular in India. This may deter potential buyers who prefer the convenience of an AT, especially in city traffic.
  4. Cabin Material Quality: The C3’s interior doesn’t exude a premium feel due to the presence of hard plastics and some cost-cutting measures. Enhancing the quality of cabin materials could have elevated the car’s overall appeal and comfort.
  5. Ergonomic Issues: Some ergonomic issues, such as the awkward placement of rear power window switches and non-adjustable rear headrests, affect the car’s usability and convenience.
  6. Mediocre Highway Performance: While the C3 performs well in city driving conditions, it may struggle on highways and during overtaking maneuvers. The NA petrol engine lacks power at higher speeds, and the 5-speed manual transmission’s long gear ratios don’t help its case.
  7. Cabin Width: Although the C3 offers ample space for four adults, the cabin’s width is not as generous as some of its rivals. This could make three passengers in the rear seat feel cramped on longer journeys.
  8. Long-term Reliability and After-sales Service: As a new entrant in the Indian market, Citroen’s small dealer network raises concerns about long-term reliability and after-sales service. Expanding its presence and reputation in India would inspire more trust and confidence among potential buyers.


The Citroen C3 is undeniably an attractive and practical hatchback with several positives, including its striking design, comfortable cabin, and customizable options. However, it falls short in certain areas, such as missing features, limited variants, and the absence of an automatic transmission. Additionally, some ergonomic and cabin quality issues may hinder its overall appeal. While the C3 offers something unique for those seeking a different driving experience, buyers may need to carefully consider their preferences and priorities before making a final decision.

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  1. Is the Citroen C3 suitable for city driving?
    • Yes, the compact size and high ground clearance of the C3 make it an excellent choice for urban driving, allowing it to maneuver through tight spaces with ease.
  2. Does the Citroen C3 offer an automatic transmission?
    • No, currently, the C3 does not come with an automatic transmission option for either of its engines.
  3. Can I customize the Citroen C3 according to my preferences?
    • Yes, the C3 offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to choose different color combinations and optional accessories to personalize your car.
  4. What are the notable omissions in the Citroen C3’s features?
    • Some notable omissions include electric ORVM adjustment, IRVM dimmer, climate control, reversing camera, alloy wheels, and tachometer.
  5. How is the after-sales service of Citroen in India?
    • As a new entrant, Citroen’s after-sales service network is relatively limited in India. This might be a concern for potential buyers, especially in terms of maintenance and spare parts availability.

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