Good news! BSA Motorcycles is All Set to Relaunch its bike in India

BSA Motorcycles

BSA Motorcycles: Classic Legends, a company owned by Mahindra, is all set to re-launch its giant brand BSA (Birmingham Small Arms). The company has shared a teaser of ‘Return of a Legend’ on its social media account.

BSA Motorcycles
BSA Motorcycles


Mahindra’s Classic Legends giant brand will relaunch BSA.
Teaser share of ‘Return of a Legend’.
The bike will have modern equipment with old classic style.

BSA Motorcycles

A new motorcycle is set to hit the market to compete with the powerful 650cc segment bikes of Royal Enfield. Mahindra-owned Classic Legends is set to re-launch its giant brand BSA (Birmingham Small Arms) and on December 4, BSA’s new bike will be launched in Birmingham. The company also shared a teaser of ‘Return of a Legend’ on its social media account.

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The BSA motorcycle was introduced in 1861

The BSA motorcycle was started in 1861 at Small Heath, Birmingham. The company started production of its motorcycles in 1910 and the company performed well till 1960. However, after the Japanese companies entered the market, BSA suffered losses and in 1972, the company had to close down. Long after, in 2016, Mahindra bought the controlling stake of Java and BSA and decided to revive the company. The company’s bikes are coming back soon.

BSA is Ready to launch New Range of Bikes

Since the teaser surfaced, there has been talk that the company will offer modern equipment in the range of new motorcycles with old classic style. Classic Legends will begin assembly of BSA motorcycles in the UK by the middle of next year. A few months ago, an upcoming prototype motorcycle was spotted in Pune. However, the testing model of the bike did not provide much information about the design as it was completely covered. The cover did not reveal the look of the testing model, but did show some of the exterior with its engine. The bike was powered by a large cylinder engine and was given disc brakes with ABS on both sides of the front. Equipped with spoke wheels, the front of the bike is equipped with a telescopic fork.

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