You are currently viewing Here is Top 5 Upcoming Cars in India 2022, New Car Launch in India 2022
Upcoming Cars in India

Here is Top 5 Upcoming Cars in India 2022, New Car Launch in India 2022

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Upcoming Cars in India : With Baleno, these 5 cars are ready to make a splash in the new incarnation, the design and features will change

Some of the cars already in the market are coming in new incarnations soon. Changes can be seen in the features along with the design in this car. On the strength of this, these cars will once again make a fuss. The car includes a Baleno, a Tata Nexon EV and a Maruti Brezza.

Upcoming Cars in India
Upcoming Cars in India

Which is Upcoming Cars in India?

This year is going to be very special for cars. Because, the entry of electric vehicles this year is going to completely change the preferences of the consumers in the market. There are now 2 months left to complete the six months of the year 2022. We are giving information about the launch of the car in the first 4 months. We are now giving you information about such cars. Which will hit the market by June 2022. It will be clear only after the launch how much these cars will be liked by the consumers once they come in the market, find out the details.

Top 5 Upcoming Cars in India 2022

1. New-Gen Maruti Brezza

Upcoming Cars in India
Upcoming Cars in India New-Gen Maruti Brezza

Maruti Suzuki is planning to bring its best selling SUV- Brezza in a new incarnation. The second generation of Brezza will hit the market next month. The company has not yet officially announced its launch. The new Brezza will have a 6-speed automatic gearbox. Emphasis is also being placed on changing its design. 2022 Maruti Brezza uses Hybrid Technology.

2. Hyundai Venue Facelift

South Korean carmaker Hyundai will also make the first change to its sub-compact SUV Venue by May. The maximum change will be made from the front face. The Hyundai Venue 2022 will feature rectangular shaped headlamp LED DRLs with a Tucson-like parametric grille.

3. Long-Range Tata Nexon EV

The Nexon EV comes with a 30.2 kWh battery and the company is now preparing to bring a Nexon EV 40kWh battery pack. Tata further claims that the Nexon EV has a driving range of 312 km. The company is trying to do this up to 400 km. The real life driving range of Nexon EV is 200 to 250 km. Tata’s range will be up to 300 km. This will help people to travel long distances.

4. Honda City e: HEV

Japanese carmaker Honda is set to launch its best-selling Honda City’s new model e: HEV. The hybrid sedan will be launched in May. It will be the first hybrid electric car in the country’s mainstream electric car market.

5. Maruti Baleno CNG / Glanza CNG

A CNG variant of Maruti Suzuki Baleno could be launched in May. This premium hatchback will be available in both 1.2 liter dual jet petrol and CNG kits. The power and torque output variants of the CNG variant will be much lower. Its mileage will be 25kmpl. Baleno Chech Toyota Glanza is the new version. Now a new variant will be launched along with it. Glanza will also come in CNG variants.

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