ICICI Bank Share Price History

ICICI Bank is one of India’s top private sector banks, providing a comprehensive variety of banking and financial services to diverse consumer sectors. ICICI, a development financing business, founded the bank in 1994 as a branch. Since then, the bank’s network, products, and client base have developed, as has its participation in foreign markets. In this blog article, we will examine ICICI Bank Share Price History performance and examine some of the variables that have impacted its stock fluctuations throughout the years.

A Table of ICICI Bank Share Price History

ICICI Bank Share Price History
ICICI Bank Share Price History

From May 2022 to May 2023, the table below illustrates ICICI Bank’s NSE closing prices and percentage change.

MonthClosing Price (INR)Change (%)
May 2023949.15-0.08
Apr 2023950.35-0.32
Mar 2023953.40-1.34
Feb 2023966.65+1.67
Jan 2023950.10+2.02
Dec 2022931.25+4.55
Nov 2022890.85+1.64
Oct 2022876.45+5.01
Sep 2022834.90+4.67
Aug 2022797.35+7.42
Jul 2022742.40+9.58
Jun 2022677.60-1.63
May 2022688.85

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ICICI Bank Share Price History: A Chart

The chart below displays the daily closing prices of ICICI Bank shares on the NSE from May 2022 to May 2023, along with a trend line indicating stock price direction.

ICICI Bank Share Price History: A Analysis

From the table and chart above, ICICI Bank share price climbed by 38% in one year, from 688.85 INR in May 2022 to 949.15 INR in May 2023.

Some of the factors that have contributed to this impressive growth are:

  • The bank’s strong financial performance, especially in terms of net interest income, net profit, asset quality, and capital adequacy ratio.
  • The bank’s digital transformation initiatives, such as launching new products and services on its mobile app and website, enhancing customer experience and convenience, and leveraging data analytics and artificial intelligence.
  • The bank’s expansion in domestic and international markets, such as acquiring a stake in ICICI Securities Primary Dealership Limited, launching a digital banking platform in UAE, and partnering with Amazon Web Services for cloud infrastructure.
  • The bank’s proactive response to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as providing relief measures to customers and employees, supporting vaccination drives, and contributing to social causes.

However, some of the challenges that the bank faces are:

  • The uncertain economic environment due to the pandemic and its impact on consumer demand, credit growth, and asset quality.
  • The intense competition from other private sector banks, public sector banks, non-banking financial companies, and fintech players.
  • The regulatory changes and compliance requirements in the banking sector, such as Basel III norms, data privacy laws, and corporate governance standards.

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ICICI Dividend and Returns

ICICI Bank has paid dividends for years. Since May 2001, the bank has paid 22 dividends, including Rs 5 per share (250%) in August 2022. As of June 2023, the bank has a dividend yield of 0.54%, more than its private sector banking rivals.

ICICI Bank’s share price rise and dividends have impressed investors. From Rs 688.85 in May 2022 to Rs 949.15 in May 2023, the bank’s share price rose 38%. The bank’s share price has surpassed the Nifty Bank index, which gained 28%. The bank’s share price has risen due to its outstanding financial performance, digital transformation, market expansion, and aggressive COVID-19 reaction.


ICICI Bank is a renowned Indian bank with a history of financial success, digital innovation, market development, and social responsibility. The bank’s share price has reflected its growth potential and resilience in the face of challenges.

However, investors should be aware of the risks and uncertainties the bank confronts in the dynamic and competitive banking business and make educated judgments based on their research and analysis.


Q: What is ICICI Bank?
A: ICICI Bank is a renowned private sector bank in India, delivering a broad variety of banking and financial services to diverse consumers.

Q: How can I invest in ICICI Bank shares?
A: Online trading platforms, brokers, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds allow you to buy ICICI Bank shares. Consult your financial counsellor before investing.

Q: What are the benefits of ICICI Bank digital banking?
A: ICICI Bank digital banking lets you manage your bank accounts and transactions quickly, securely, and easily. Check your balance, transfer cash, pay bills, apply for loans, open deposits, and more with the ICICI Bank mobile app or website.

Q: How can I contact ICICI Bank customer care?
A: ICICI Bank offers phone, email, chat, and social media customer service. Visit the closest ICICI Bank branch or ATM for questions or concerns.

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