Is it Good to Buy Second Hand Car in India Five Main Reasons

Is it Good to Buy Second Hand Car in India Five Main Reasons

Second Hand Car second hand car Many people buy a second hand car accepting a different brand because they do not have enough money. But, soon after the buying a car , the parts of this car get damaged. After that, the rate of damage to parts is increasing day by day and there is no other way but to repent in front of car buyers.


Don’t buy second hand as there is no money
Only buy after checking all the details of the vehicle
Don’t buy a car if someone refuses to give details

1: Do not drive without inspection

If the car owner does not allow you to inspect the car, you should never buy it. Because he doesn’t allow it, there’s something wrong with it. The car owner wants to deceive the customer. It was obvious. So don’t worry about buying an old car.

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2) Incorrect reading of odometer of Second Hand Car

If you find the odometer reading wrong or strange after you go to get a car, you should immediately reject the car owner. At the same time, you should try driving. Because most of the time the odometer does not tell the exact reading of the car, if you want to avoid your fraud, do not follow the noise of buying an old car.

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3) Service record of Second Hand Car

You should not take a car unless the car owner has a service record. Because you can’t tell which parts of the vehicle have changed. At the same time, you can also ask the car owner to reduce the price of the car. Many times the car parts are change due to a minor car accident. It is also recorded in the service record. This information should not be disclose if the service record shown , so many car owners do not show the service record.

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4) Test drive

No vehicle owner will deny you a test drive. If someone does that, understand that there is something wrong with his car and he does not want to tell you what the real condition of the car is. In that case, you can reject the car owner.

5) No warranty

f the car owner does not have a car warranty, you should not buy that car. If it has a warranty, check if it is genuine. Often car owners use online portals to hit someone in the neck when the car is not in order, giving false information about how overwhelmed their car is. So if possible, it’s best never to get bogged down in buying an old car.

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