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Maruti Ertiga Positives and Negatives

10 Positives and Negatives Reason to Buy or Reject New Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

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Maruti Ertiga, the renowned MPV from Maruti Suzuki, has been a popular choice among Indian families for its spacious interiors, reliable performance, and attractive price point. However, like any other vehicle, it comes with its own set of pros and cons. In this article, we will delve into the 10 positives and 10 negatives of the Maruti Ertiga, based on insights from users and automotive experts.

Maruti Ertiga Positives and Negatives


Maruti Ertiga Positives and Negatives Will Blow Your Mind
Maruti Ertiga Positives and Negatives Will Blow Your Mind
  1. Value for Money: The Maruti Ertiga is well-regarded for its competitive pricing, starting from Rs. 8.64 lakh for the base variant to Rs. 13.08 lakh for the top-end variant. This pricing places it significantly lower than its closest competitor, the Mahindra Marazzo, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers. Furthermore, it comes with a decent level of features, including a touchscreen infotainment system, rear AC, automatic climate control, ABS with EBD, dual airbags, and ISOFIX rear seats.
  2. Easy Ingress and Egress: Thanks to its monocoque chassis, the Ertiga offers an ideal height for easy entry and exit, making it convenient for passengers of all ages. The large rear-door opening further adds to its accessibility, and the second-row seats can be easily folded and slid to allow for seamless access to the third row.
  3. Comfortable Seats: The Maruti Ertiga ensures a comfortable ride for all occupants with well-cushioned and supportive seats in all three rows. The third-row seats, in particular, stand out, providing ample headroom, legroom, and width for two adults. Additionally, the seats are adjustable and reclining, enhancing the overall comfort level.
  4. Generous Boot Space: With the third-row seats folded, the Ertiga offers an impressive 550 litres of boot space, ensuring ample room for luggage and belongings. Even with the third-row in use, the boot can accommodate a large bag and two soft bags comfortably. The low loading lip and flat floor further enhance the practicality.
  5. Light and Rigid Chassis: Built on the HEARTECT platform, shared with the Swift, the Ertiga boasts a lighter and more rigid chassis compared to its previous generation model. This structural improvement contributes to better performance, fuel efficiency, handling, and overall stability.
  6. Flat Ride Quality: The Ertiga delivers a smooth and pliant ride, adeptly absorbing road imperfections without excessive bouncing or pitching. Whether on highways or city roads, the Ertiga provides a comfortable ride experience for all occupants.
  7. Easy to Drive: Despite its size and seating capacity, the Ertiga remains easy to drive. It features light steering, a smooth gearbox, and a responsive engine, making it effortless to maneuver in both city traffic and on highways. The excellent visibility further adds to the ease of driving.
  8. Fuel Efficiency: The Ertiga’s fuel-efficient engine ensures economical driving in both petrol and diesel variants. The petrol engine boasts a claimed mileage of 19.01 kmpl for manual transmission and 17.99 kmpl for the automatic transmission, while the diesel engine offers a claimed mileage of 25.47 kmpl for the manual transmission.
  9. Reliable Service Network: Maruti Suzuki’s extensive and reliable service network in India is a boon for Ertiga owners. The wide availability of service centers and affordable maintenance costs make it a practical and convenient choice for regular servicing and repairs. Additionally, the company offers a warranty of 2 years or 40,000 km for the Ertiga, which can be extended up to 5 years or 1 lakh km at an additional cost.
  10. Attractive Design: The Ertiga’s captivating design adds to its appeal. From the sleek grille and projector headlamps with LED DRLs to the chrome accents, alloy wheels, LED tail lamps, and roof-mounted spoiler, the Ertiga boasts a sporty and elegant appearance. It is available in five attractive colors, allowing buyers to choose one that suits their preferences.

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Maruti Ertiga Negatives

  1. Low Power and Torque: One of the drawbacks of the Maruti Ertiga is its relatively low power and torque output compared to some of its rivals. The petrol engine produces 103 bhp of power and 138 Nm of torque, while the diesel engine delivers 89 bhp of power and 200 Nm of torque. This can result in the Ertiga feeling underpowered, especially when carrying a full load or negotiating steep inclines.
  2. No Diesel Automatic Option: The absence of a diesel automatic variant may be disappointing for buyers seeking the convenience of an automatic transmission coupled with the fuel efficiency of a diesel engine. Currently, only the petrol variant offers an automatic transmission, and some may find its 4-speed torque converter unit lacking the refinement of newer transmissions.
  3. Lack of Premium Features: Some modern-day MPVs offer luxurious features like a sunroof or cruise control, but the Ertiga misses out on these. These amenities can enhance the overall driving experience and passenger comfort, especially during long journeys, and their absence may be a drawback for some potential buyers.
  4. Limited Safety Features: Safety-conscious buyers might find the Ertiga’s safety features to be somewhat limited. While it does come with dual airbags, it lacks some advanced safety features such as a rear parking camera, hill hold assist, traction control, electronic stability program (ESP), and rear disc brakes. These features are becoming increasingly common in newer MPVs and could be a concern for safety-conscious buyers.
  5. Cramped Middle Row: Despite being a seven-seater, the middle row in the Ertiga might feel cramped for three adults due to limited legroom and shoulder space. The fixed headrests can also be less comfortable for passengers of different heights, and the absence of amenities like a center armrest or cup holders could be a letdown.
  6. Noisy Cabin: The Ertiga’s cabin can get noisy, as it allows in considerable engine, road, and wind noise, particularly at higher speeds or on uneven roads. Improved noise insulation could enhance the overall driving experience and passenger comfort during extended journeys.
  7. Low Ground Clearance: With a ground clearance of 180 mm, the Ertiga’s underbody might be prone to scraping on rough roads or speed breakers. A higher ground clearance could enhance its off-road capability and provide better peace of mind while driving on challenging terrains.
  8. Dated Instrument Cluster: The instrument cluster of the Ertiga appears somewhat dated compared to its competitors. With an analog speedometer and tachometer, along with a basic digital display showing essential information like fuel level and odometer reading, it lacks the modernity and visual appeal found in newer MPVs.
  9. Average Build Quality: Some buyers may find the build quality of the Ertiga to be average, with relatively thin and light body panels that are susceptible to dents and scratches. Additionally, the interior plastics might not exude a premium feel or touch, which could be a concern for those seeking a more upscale ambiance.
  10. Lack of Individuality: The Ertiga’s design elements and components bear a resemblance to other Maruti Suzuki cars, which might lead some buyers to perceive it as lacking individuality. Distinctive features or styling cues could help the Ertiga stand out more prominently in a crowded market.

In conclusion, the Maruti Ertiga is undoubtedly a strong contender in the MPV segment, offering an excellent balance of space, comfort, and value for money. Its affordable price and reliable service network make it an appealing choice for many Indian families. However, prospective buyers should carefully consider the factors discussed in this article to make an informed decision based on their preferences and priorities. This are 10 Positives and Negatives of Maruti Ertiga.

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  1. Is the Maruti Ertiga a good family car? Absolutely! The Ertiga’s spacious cabin, comfortable seats, and economical pricing make it an excellent choice for families.
  2. Does the Ertiga have good mileage? Yes, the Ertiga offers commendable mileage figures, making it a fuel-efficient option for daily commutes and long journeys.
  3. What safety features does the Ertiga have? While the Ertiga does come with dual airbags, it lacks some advanced safety features found in other MPVs.
  4. Is the Ertiga suitable for off-road driving? The Ertiga’s low ground clearance might limit its off-road capabilities, but it performs well on regular city and highway roads.
  5. How does the Ertiga compare to its competitors? The Ertiga’s competitive pricing, reliable service network, and decent features give it an edge over some of its rivals.

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