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Honda WRV Crash Test Rating

New Honda WRV Crash Test Rating – Zero to Hero

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Honda is planning to launch a new generation of its subcompact SUV, the WRV, in India by mid-2023. The WRV, which is based on the Jazz hatchback, competes in the segment alongside vehicles like the Hyundai Venue, Tata Nexon, and Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza. But how safe is the new WRV? Here’s what we know about New Gen Honda WRV Crash Test Rating from the recent crash tests conducted by ASEAN NCAP.

New Gen Honda WRV Safety Rating ASEAN NCAP

Honda WRV Crash Test Rating
New Honda WRV Crash Test Rating – Hero

The new WRV was tested by ASEAN NCAP, a regional organization that evaluates vehicle safety standards in Southeast Asia. The model that was tried was the WRV RS for Indonesia, which came standard with Honda Sensing ADAS technology. The WRV scored an impressive 5 star rating, with a total of 77.07 points out of 100. Here’s how it performed in different categories:

Adult Occupant Protection41%27.41
Child Occupant Protection41%42.79
Safety Assist Technologies59%16.37

The WRV secured 14.88 points in the frontal impact crash test, 8 points in the side impact test and 4.73 points in the head protection tech. The head and legs of both driver and passenger showed good protection whereas the chest area showed adequate protection. The WRV also scored well in child occupant protection, with 24 points in dynamic tests, 8 points in vehicle-based tests, 10.06 points in installation of child seats and 0.73 points in child detection.

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New Honda WRV also impressed with its active safety systems, which help prevent crashes or reduce their severity. The WRV received scores of six for effective braking and avoidance, three for seatbelt reminders, four and a half and a half for autonomous emergency braking, and three for advanced SATs.

Comparison with Latin NCAP Crash Test

It is important to note that there is a discrepancy between the safety rating of the new WRV and the Latin version, which scored only 1 star in a crash test conducted by Latin NCAP in September 2022. The Latin version of the WRV lacked side and curtain airbags, which are standard on the Indonesia-spec model. The Latin version also showed poor protection for the chest and neck of the driver and passenger, as well as for the child occupants.

The difference in the production standards of the WRV in different markets shows that Honda needs to ensure consistent quality and safety features across its models. The Indian version of the WRV is expect it will be similar like Indonesia-spec model, but it is not yet confirm whether it will have the same safety equipment and performance.

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The new Honda WRV has shown a promising performance in the ASEAN NCAP crash test, scoring a maximum rating of 5 stars for all the assessed categories. The WRV offers good protection for adult and child occupants, as well as advanced safety assist technologies that can prevent or mitigate crashes. However, Honda needs to ensure that the same level of safety is maintained across all its markets, especially in India where the demand for subcompact SUVs is high. The new WRV is likely to be launch in India by mid-2023 and will compete with other popular models like Hyundai Venue, Tata Nexon and Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza.

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