New Polo Launch? 4 Upcoming Volkswagen Cars in 2023

Volkswagen is one of India’s most trusted car company offering vehicles with style, performance, safety, and technology. In 2023, Volkswagen is expected to launch several new and updated models in the Indian market, catering to different segments and customer preferences. Here is a look at some of the Upcoming Volkswagen cars in India in 2023:

New Gen Volkswagen Polo 2024

Upcoming Volkswagen Cars in India 2023
New Gen Volkswagen Polo 2024

The Volkswagen Polo is a premium hatchback that has been a bestseller for the brand in India for many years. The Polo is known for its sporty design, refined engine, agile handling, and high-quality interiors. In 2024, Volkswagen is May launch a new generation of the Polo in India, which will be based on the MQB A0 IN platform that is specially designed for the Indian market. VW New Polo will have a roomier cabin, a wireless infotainment system, and more safety measures. The new Polo will include petrol with manual and automated transmissions. The expected price of the new Polo is Rs. 8 lakh. Currently Polo is Discontinue from India.

Upcoming Volkswagen ID.7 EV

Volkswagen ID.7
Volkswagen ID.7

The Volkswagen ID.7 is a futuristic electric sedan that will be part of the brand’s ID family of electric vehicles. The ID.7 will be based on the MEB platform that is dedicated for electric vehicles, and will have a sleek and aerodynamic design, a spacious and luxurious cabin, and a range of innovative features. VW ID.7 will have a powerful electric motor that will deliver a high performance and a long range. VW ID.7 can fast-charge to 80% in 30 minutes. The expected price of the ID.7 is Rs. 70 lakh.

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Upcoming Volkswagen Tiguan 2024

Volkswagen Tiguan 2024
Volkswagen Tiguan 2024

The premium Volkswagen Tiguan combines comfort, convenience, and capability. The VW Tiguan has a stylish and robust design, a spacious and versatile cabin, a powerful and efficient engine, and a host of smart features. Volkswagen will launch the upgraded MQB-based Tiguan in India in 2024. The new Tiguan will have a refreshed exterior design, a new digital cockpit with a larger touchscreen display, and more advanced driver assistance systems. Hybrid versions of the 2017 Tiguan will reduce pollution and improve fuel economy. The expected price of the new Tiguan is Rs. 37 lakh.

Volkswagen ID.4

The Volkswagen ID.4 is another electric SUV that will join the ID family of electric vehicles in India in 2023. VW ID.4 will be based on the same MEB platform as the ID.7, and will have a similar design language and features. The ID.4 will have a spacious and comfortable cabin, a large boot space, and a panoramic sunroof. VW ID.4 will have an electric motor that will deliver a high performance and a long range. The ID.4 can fast-charge to 80% in 40 minutes. The expected price of the ID.4 is Rs. 45 lakh

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Here is a table summarizing the upcoming Volkswagen cars in India in 2023:

ModelExpected Launch DateExpected PriceKey Features
Volkswagen Polo 2024 (Expected Not Confirm)November 2024Rs. 8.00 LakhNew generation based on MQB A0 IN platform, larger cabin, wireless connectivity, petrol and diesel engines
Volkswagen ID.7January 2024Rs. 70.00 LakhElectric sedan based on MEB platform, sleek design, luxurious cabin, powerful motor, fast-charging
Volkswagen Tiguan 2024February 2024Rs. 37.00 LakhNew SUV based on updated MQB platform, refreshed design, digital cockpit, hybrid variant
Volkswagen ID.4March 2025Rs. 45.00 LakhElectric SUV based on MEB platform, spacious cabin, panoramic sunroof, powerful motor, fast-charging

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