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Now Car Door Will Open With Face Recognition, No Key is Required

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The car door will open with face recognition, no key required; There was new technology

Genesis Motor, Hyundai Motor Group’s luxury vehicle division, has introduced ‘Face Connect Technology’ also know as face recognition, to open the car door. This technology works like the ‘Face ID’ feature of a smartphone.

face recognition
face recognition


Recognize the face and open the car door
Genesis brings new technology for smart cars
Face Connect technology eliminates the need for keys

Genesis Motor, the luxury vehicle division of Hyundai Motor Group, has made a big announcement. Genesis has introduced a new technology for smart cars. The company has introduced ‘Face Connect Technology’ to open the car door. This technology will work like the Face ID feature of a smartphone.

No key required

With ‘Face Connect Technology’, you will no longer need a key to open the car door, but the door will be opened by recognizing the face. The new technology will allow customers to personalize their vehicles, and have a better driving experience, Genesis said. This new technology is likely to appear first in the upcoming model GV60.

Face Recognition Settings

Once the driver is identified by Face Connect technology, the driver’s seat, steering wheel, head-up-display (HUD), side mirror, and infotainment settings will be adjusted automatically. This technology uses a near-infra-red (NIR) camera, which will detect the face even in the dark and trace whether the face is already registered in the system.

Fingerprint facility will also be available

In addition to Face ID technology, Genesis also has a fingerprint authentication system, just like any other smartphone. This allows the driver to control the vehicle based on biometric information. Even without a smartphone or smart-key. Anyone registered in either of these systems can enter the vehicle by showing his face and can drive the car by recognizing his fingerprint. Interestingly the Fingerprint authentication can also be used for in-vehicle payments transactions. The company says that the GV60 will be launched soon.

GV60 to launch soon-

The company says that the GV60 will be launched soon. With this new technology, the company wants to establish its dominance in the auto sector. In terms of smart and affordable technology, the GV60 could overtake many companies in the future.

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