Ride in Style, Here are Top 7 Upcoming Bikes Under 2 Lakh

If you are an avid biker and looking for your dream ride without breaking the bank, you’re in for a treat. The Indian two-wheeler market is all set to welcome some exciting upcoming bikes under 2 lakh in 2023 and 2024. Whether you prefer sports bikes, cruisers, electric scooters, or something in between, there’s a lot to be excited about. Let’s take a closer look at the most anticipated Upcoming Bikes Under 2 Lakh that will soon hit the roads.

1. Hero Karizma XMR 210

7 Upcoming Bikes Under 2 Lakh
7 Upcoming Bikes Under 2 Lakh

The legendary Hero Karizma is making a comeback with the XMR 210 variant, and it promises to be a head-turner. Featuring a sporty and aggressive design, the Karizma XMR 210 comes equipped with LED lights, a digital instrument cluster, ABS, and a dual-channel ABS system. Powered by a 210cc liquid-cooled engine, this bike delivers 20PS of power and 18Nm of torque. With a sleek design and powerful performance, it’s perfect for thrill-seekers.

Karizma XMR 210 Expected Launch: August 2023 | Estimated Price: Rs. 1.50 lakh

2. Honda Activa Electric

For those seeking a greener alternative, the Honda Activa Electric is a game-changer. This electric version of the popular Activa scooter retains its iconic design while incorporating modern features like LED lights, a digital instrument cluster, and keyless start-stop. The Activa Electric is power by an electric motor that generates 8PS of power and 15Nm of torque. With a lithium-ion battery offering an 80km range, it’s a practical and eco-friendly choice.

Honda Activa Electric Expected Launch: September 2023 | Estimated Price: Rs. 1.10 lakh

3. TVS Creon

The TVS Creon is an electric scooter that boasts a futuristic design with cutting-edge features. Showcased at the Auto Expo 2018, the Creon comes with LED lights, a connected digital instrument cluster, anti-theft system, regenerative braking, and more. Its powerful electric motor produces 16PS of power and an impressive 72Nm of torque. With three lithium-ion batteries offering an 80km range, the Creon aims to revolutionize urban commuting.

TVS Creon Expected Launch: August 2023

4. Bajaj Pulsar 250 NS

Bajaj, known for its performance-oriented bikes, is set to launch the Pulsar 250 NS. With its aggressive styling, muscular fuel tank, and twin LED headlights, the Pulsar 250 NS looks poised to dominate the streets. The bike is expected to come with a 250cc liquid-cooled engine, offering a perfect balance of power and efficiency. For adrenaline junkies on a budget, this bike could be the ideal choice.

Bajaj Pulsar 250 NS Expected Launch: 2024

5. Yamaha FZ-X Adventure

The Yamaha FZ-X Adventure is an adventure tourer that promises to deliver thrilling off-road experiences. With its adventure-ready features such as long-travel suspension, knobby tires, and a skid plate, the FZ-X Adventure is built to tackle rough terrains with ease. It is likely to share its engine with the Yamaha FZ-X, a 149cc air-cooled engine producing 12.2PS of power and 13.3Nm of torque.

Yamaha FZ-X Expected Launch: 2024

6. Royal Enfield Hunter

Royal Enfield is planning to add the Hunter to its arsenal, targeting the young and adventurous riders. With a rugged design and retro appeal, the Hunter is expected to appeal to the urban youth. Though the specifications are yet to be unveiled, Royal Enfield’s reputation for crafting powerful and reliable bikes makes the Hunter an exciting prospect.

Expected Launch: 2024

7. Suzuki Gixxer 250

Suzuki is also gearing up to launch the Gixxer 250, catering to the performance bike enthusiasts. With sharp styling, a powerful engine, and advanced features, the Gixxer 250 aims to provide an exhilarating riding experience. While the exact specifications are yet to be revealed, the Gixxer series has always been known for its sporty and agile performance.

Suzuki Gixxer 250 Expected Launch: 2024

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As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of these upcoming bikes under 2 lakh, the Indian two-wheeler market is sure to witness fierce competition and exciting innovations. Whether you’re a speed enthusiast, an eco-conscious rider, or a weekend adventurer, there’s a bike tailored just for you. Keep an eye out for the launch dates and prices, and get ready to hit the road with your dream machine!

Table 1: Upcoming Bikes Under 2 Lakh

No.Bike ModelExpected LaunchEngine CapacityPower Output (PS)Torque (Nm)Expected Price (Rs.)¹²
1Hero Karizma XMR 210August 2023210cc20181.50 lakh
2Honda Activa ElectricSeptember 2023Electric8151.10 lakh
3TVS CreonAugust 2023Electric1672TBA
4Bajaj Pulsar 250 NS2024250ccTBATBATBA
5Yamaha FZ-X Adventure2024149cc12.213.3TBA
6Royal Enfield Hunter2024TBATBATBATBA
7Suzuki Gixxer 2502024TBATBATBATBA

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  1. Are these bikes suitable for beginners?
    • Most of the bikes mentioned in this article are suitable for beginners, especially the Honda Activa Electric and Hero Karizma XMR 210, which offer user-friendly features and manageable power outputs.
  2. What is the expected price range for these bikes?
    • The bikes mention in this article are expect to be price between Rs. 1.10 lakh to Rs. 1.50 lakh, making them affordable for many riders.
  3. Will the TVS Creon come with connected features?
    • Yes, the TVS Creon will have connected features like smartphone connectivity and navigation, enhancing the overall riding experience.
  4. Which upcoming bike is best for city commuting?
    • The Honda Activa Electric and TVS Creon are excellent choices for city commuting due to their compact design, agile handling, and eco-friendly electric powertrains.
  5. Where can I buy these bikes once they are launch?
    • These bikes will be available at authorized dealerships of their respective brands across India. You can also check online platforms for availability and booking options.

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