Your Monthly Salary to Own New 7-Seater Car Toyota Rumion

Are you eyeing the sleek and stylish 2024 Toyota Rumion Base model? It’s time to break down the numbers and understand what it takes to bring this beauty home. From the ex-showroom price to your monthly EMI, let’s dive into the details.

1. Ex-Showroom Price:

The base model of the Toyota Rumion starts at ₹10.44 Lakh. This is the price you’ll pay to drive the car out of the showroom, excluding additional charges.

2. On-Road Price in 2024:

The on-road price includes the ex-showroom price along with various taxes, registration fees, insurance, and other charges. In 2024, the on-road price for the Rumion can vary based on your location and local taxes. For an accurate estimate, check with your nearest Toyota dealership.

3. Minimum Downpayment:

To finance your Rumion, you’ll need to make a downpayment. Let’s assume you’re opting for a loan with a 9.8% interest rate. Here’s how it breaks down for different variants:

VariantDown Payment
G₹1.34 Lakh
S₹1.21 Lakh
S AT₹1.38 Lakh
S CNG₹1.32 Lakh
V₹1.43 Lakh

4. Monthly EMI:

Assuming a 60-month loan tenure, your monthly EMI will be:

  • For the G variant: ₹25,570
  • For the S variant: ₹23,031
  • For the S AT variant: ₹26,310
  • For the S CNG variant: ₹25,103
  • For the V variant: ₹27,150

5. Yearly EMI:

Multiply your monthly EMI by 12 to get the yearly EMI. For example, if you choose the S variant, your yearly EMI would be ₹276,372.

6. Estimated Monthly and Yearly Salary / Income:

Now, let’s talk about affordability. Your monthly EMI should ideally be less than 30% of your monthly income. Similarly, your yearly EMI should be less than 20% of your annual income. Calculate your EMI based on your salary and ensure it fits within these limits.

Remember, owning a car is not just about numbers—it’s about the joy of hitting the open road. So, if the Rumion fits your budget, go ahead and make those memories!

Disclaimer: The above calculations are approximate and subject to change based on loan terms, interest rates, and individual financial situations. Always consult a financial advisor before making any major purchase.

Now, go ahead, take that test drive, and imagine yourself cruising in your very own Toyota Rumion! 🚗💨

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