You are currently viewing This Interesting Features of New Nexon EV Facelift Will Blow Your Mind
Nexon EV Facelift Features

This Interesting Features of New Nexon EV Facelift Will Blow Your Mind

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Are you ready to experience the future of mobility? Meet the all-new Nexon.ev, the smartest electric vehicle ever. The Nexon.ev is not just a car, it’s a power bank on wheels. New Nexon EV Facelift packed with smart features that will make your drives more comfortable, convenient, and connected Features. Here are some of the reasons why you should get behind the wheel of the New Nexon Ev Facelift today:

Smart Digital Design

Nexon Ev Facelift Features
Nexon Ev Facelift Features

The Nexon.ev has a stunning digital design that will turn heads wherever you go. It features:

  • Smart Digital DRLs: Make your presence felt through the signature DRLs with welcome and goodbye sequence and charging indicator.
  • Smart Digital X Factor Tail Light: The iconic X factor with a welcome and goodbye sequence lends a sleek digital look.
  • Hidden Rear Wipers: Better coverage for better visibility.
  • Digital Dashboard: A dynamic digital dashboard that elevates your cabin.
  • Smart Digital Steering Wheel: Stylish 2-spoke back-lit steering wheel.
  • Phygital Control Panel: Touch meets digital control.
  • Smart Digital Shifter: Seamless drive selection for quick responsiveness.

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Smart Digital Power

The Nexon.ev is powered by a high-performance battery that delivers a long range and fast charging. It also offers innovative features that let you share your power with other devices and vehicles. It features:

  • V2V Technology: Charge another EV, anywhere with vehicle-to-vehicle charging.
  • V2L Technology: Power your gadgets with the power of your EV. Reimagine your car as a power bank.
  • 2 Battery Options:
    • 30 kWh: 325 km range
    • 40.5 kWh: 465 km range (top model)

Smart Digital Entertainment

Nexon Ev Facelift Features
New Nexon Ev Facelift Features

The Nexon.ev is a mobile entertainment hub that lets you enjoy your favourite content on a cinematic screen and sound system. It also lets you download and access various apps for music, video, productivity, navigation, and gaming. It features:

  • A True App Suite: 15+ apps today and more tomorrow. (Hotstar, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, etc.)
  • Cinematic 31.24 cm Touchscreen: Imagine watching your favourite OTT series in your all-new Nexon.ev.
  • JBL Cinematic Sound System: Spatial, immersive JBL audio for a 360° 3D surround sound experience. 9 high quality speakers including external sub-woofer. Multiple audio modes that enhance in vehicle acoustic experience.

Smart Digital Safety

Nexon Ev Facelift Features
Nexon Ev Facelift Features

The Nexon.ev is equipped with advanced safety features that protect you and your passengers from any hazards on the road. It also offers a 360° surround view camera system and a blind spot view monitor for better visibility and awareness. It features:

  • Digital Cockpit: High-definition fully reconfigurable instrument cluster. Multi-dial view in cluster. Embedded maps for a safe, intuitive and enriched driving experience.
  • ESP with iVBAC: Advanced dynamic stability for precise handling.
  • 6 Airbags: All-round safety for all-round peace-of-mind.
  • Hill Ascent Control: Holds for 2 seconds when you stop on an incline offering more time to control.
  • Hill Descent Control: Control your car’s speed on slope declines.
  • Auto Hold: Keeps your car at a complete stop until you press the accelerator.
  • All Disc Brakes: Increased braking efficiency, for more control.
  • Front Parking Sensor
  • 360° Surround View Camera System: Get a 360° view of everything that surrounds you.
  • Blind Spot View Monitor: Additional safety when you need to take a turn.

Smart Digital Convenience

The Nexon.ev is designed to make your life easier with features that automate and simplify various tasks and functions. It also offers wireless connectivity and charging options for your devices. It features:

  • Wireless Charger
  • Wireless Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay
  • Air Purifier
  • Electronic Parking Brake
  • Auto Dimming IRVM
  • OTA Updates
  • Rain Sensing Wiper: Automatic wipers for unexpected rain showers.
  • Auto Headlamps: Automatic headlamps that light up your drives.

Smart Digital Comfort

The Nexon.ev is built to provide you with the ultimate comfort on every drive. It offers spacious interiors, premium materials, and ergonomic features that enhance your comfort and convenience. It features:

  • Electric Sunroof
  • 60:40 Rear Seats and Centre Armrest
  • Rear AC Vents
  • Bolstered Ultra Comfort Seats with Ventilation: Extra cushioned seats for extra comfort on drives.
  • Cooled Glove Box: For those who like to keep things chill.
  • USB Type C (45W): Fast charge your gadgets on the go.
  • Paddle Shifters
  • Multi Drive Modes: Eco, City, Sport.

The all-new Nexon.ev is the smartest EV ever. It offers you a complete package of smart digital features that will make your drives more enjoyable, efficient, and eco-friendly. Don’t miss this opportunity to own the future of mobility. Book your test drive today and get ready to experience the Nexon.ev.

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