You are currently viewing Top 6 Unsuccessful Bikes & Car Companies in India flop Auto Companies

Top 6 Unsuccessful Bikes & Car Companies in India flop Auto Companies

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Top 6 Unsuccessful Bikes & Car Companies in India flop Auto Companies

flop Auto Companies: Today we are going to tell you about some of the big companies that have closed their business in India, the world’s fifth-largest car market, in the last few years.

flop Auto Companies
Top 6 Unsuccessful Bikes & Car Companies in India flop Auto Companies

why ford motor failed in India?

Ford Motor Company, a leading US automobile company, has decided to shut down production at both its manufacturing plants in India. The company has decided to close its manufacturing plant after a long struggle in the Indian market. The company will now sell only premium cars as a complete build unit (CBU) and will continue to provide existing customers with services such as service, warranty, and parts availability. However, Ford is not the first automobile company to roll up its sleeves in India.

Which are Flop Auto Companies in India?

There are many flop Auto Companies in India including General Motors, Fiat, UM Motorcycle, Harley Davidson, Premier Automobiles, EICHER POLARIS, and others.

1. General Motors flop Auto Companies

General Motors made its debut in India in 1996 with the Opel brand. Then in 2003, the company introduced the Chevrolet car brand. Despite many great models, Chevrolet has not had much success in India. The company could not stand in front of popular car companies like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Mahindra. The company’s decision to shut down Chevrolet in India was shocking, as the CEO of General Motors announced a 1 billion investment in India a few months ago. In 2017, General Motors left India.

2. Fiat

The popular Italian car company Fiat discontinued production in India in January 2019 and completely shut down operations in India in March last year. The company had launched many great cars in the Indian market such as Fiat Punto, Linea, Punto EVO. The company received a good response in the early 1990s. However, as competition grew, so did Fiat’s performance. The car’s design, lack of features, and low mileage are the reasons behind this.

3. UM Motorcycle

United Motors of America started its business in India in partnership with Lohia Auto. The company introduced several great cruiser bikes, including the Renegade Commando, Renegade Sport S and Renegade Classic. Their design was quite different, but they were also criticized for their poor quality. United Motors’ goal was to compete with Royal Enfield. The company finally left the Indian market in October 2019, causing a huge stir among dealers. There is currently a legal dispute between UM and the Federation of Automobile Dealers Association (FADA).

4. Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson’s decision to exit India was a big blow for premium bike lovers. The US-based premium bike company decided to close its business in India in September 2020. The company’s bikes were very expensive, resulting in negligible sales. This is why the company made this decision. Harley later signed a deal with Hero MotoCorp, India’s largest two-wheeler company. Accordingly, Hero MotoCorp now sells and services Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

5. Premier Automobiles

Premier Automobiles Limited was one of the most successful and popular automobile companies in India. However, the company had to close its business due to declining sales. The company was most famous for cars like the Rio and Padmini. The Premier Padmini was similar to the Hindustan Ambassador car in Luke’s case, which is still being used as a taxi in Mumbai. The company started its business in the late 1940s. So, in December 2018, the premiere went bankrupt.


Eicher and Polaris closed their business in India in March 2018. Before leaving India, Eicher used to sell Polaris Multix models in India. When Eicher and Polaris entered into a joint venture in 2013, it was expected to revolutionize the ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) space. However, rising inflation and declining per capita income hit the company and limited the number of customers. Eicher Polaris finally decided to close in March 2018 due to declining sales.

7.Ford India

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