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Upcoming Ambassador Car Price in India

Upcoming Ambassador Car Price in India, Launch Date and Photos

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The Ambassador, which was once a status symbol and a luxury vehicle in India, is about to return in a new form. The Upcoming Ambassador Car 2.0 is being developed in conjunction with Peugeot, a French automaker, by the Hind Motor Financial Corporation of India (HMFCI), a subsidiary of the CK Birla Group. The updated vehicle will be available on Indian roads in two years, according to media reports. The manufacturing will take place at the HMFCI-run Hindustan Motors factory in Chennai.

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Key Features

  • The Chennai facility of Hindustan Motors, which formerly produced Mitsubishi automobiles, will produce the new Ambassador. The new “Amby,” which will go on sale in 2024, is being designed and its engine is being developed by Hindustan Motors and Peugeot. The ‘new look’ Amby is currently being developed, according to Hindustan Motors Director Uttam Bose. “Mechanical and design work for the new engine has reached an advanced stage,” he continued.
  • The new Ambassador is projected to arrive by 2024 and the corporation is intending to launch it in electric car avatar. The first vehicle on the market will be an ICE type, then an EV. The Ambassador brand is currently owned by Groupe PSA, which also owns Peugeot.
  • Launched in 1957, the Ambassador was based on the British car Morris Oxford Series III. The vehicle was wildly popular and for many years the only mass-produced luxury vehicle available on the local market. But due to weak demand and a mountain of debt, the brand gradually deteriorated.
  • Before the manufacturing was shut down, the Ambassador’s annual sales had plummeted from over 20,000 units in the middle of the 1980s to about 2,000 units. The legendary four-wheeler’s creators announced that they would stop production in 2014, according to reports. Hindustan Motors was once owned by the CK Birla Group, who in 2017 sold it to Peugeot for Rs 80 crore.

Upcoming Ambassador Car Engine

Upcoming Ambassador Car Engine
Upcoming Ambassador Car Engine

The manufacturer has not yet disclosed the new Upcoming Ambassador Car engine specifications. However, according to some rumors, it will be propelled by a 1.5-liter diesel or 1.2-liter petrol engine from Peugeot’s lineup. The engine will deliver good performance and fuel efficiency while meeting BS-VI emission standards.

Engine TypeDisplacementPowerTorque
Diesel1.5 L100 hp250 Nm
Petrol1.2 L82 hp118 Nm

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Mileage of Upcoming Ambassador Car

Mileage of Upcoming Ambassador Car
Mileage of Upcoming Ambassador Car

The new Upcoming Ambassador Car mileage may vary depending on the engine and transmission. Some predictions state that the diesel engine will provide about 25 km/l of mileage while the petrol engine would provide about 18 km/l. A single charge will allow the Ambassador’s electric version to travel about 200 kilometers.

Engine TypeTransmissionMileage
DieselManual25 kmpl
PetrolManual18 kmpl
EVAutomatic200 km

Top Speed

The Upcoming Ambassador Car top speed will vary depending on the engine and transmission. The highest speed of the diesel engine will be approximately 160 kmph, while the top speed of the petrol engine will be approximately 140 kmph. The Ambassador’s electric version will have a top speed of roughly 120 kmph.

Engine TypeTransmissionTop Speed
DieselManual160 kmph
PetrolManual140 kmph
EVAutomatic120 kmph

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Upcoming Ambassador Car Price in India

Upcoming Ambassador Car Price in India
Upcoming Ambassador Car Price in India

The price of the Upcoming Ambassador Car will be competitive and affordable for the Indian market. The company is expected to price it between Rs 6 lakh and Rs 9 lakh for different variants. The EV version of the Ambassador will be priced higher than the ICE models and will cost around Rs 12 lakh.

Engine TypeTransmissionPrice Range
DieselManualRs 6-8 lakh
PetrolManualRs 6-7 lakh
EVAutomaticRs 12 lakh

Launch Date in India

The launch date of the Upcoming Ambassador Car in India is not yet confirmed by the company. However, some reports suggest that it will be launched in the second half of 2024. The company may showcase the new Ambassador at the Auto Expo 2024 in February and launch it later in the year. The EV version of the Ambassador may be launched in 2025.

Engine TypeLaunch Date
DieselH2 2024
PetrolH2 2024


The much-anticipated new Ambassador will bring back the tradition of the legendary company. Along with a variety of engine options, the automobile will have a contemporary look and features. The vehicle will also come in an electric version to appeal to buyers who are environmentally conscious. In the Indian market, the new Ambassador will be a serious competitor against other well-liked vehicles in its class. The vehicle will serve as a tribute to the history and legacy of the Ambassador, which once represented India with pride.

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