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Upcoming Nissan X-Trail

Upcoming Nissan X-Trail: Engine And Mileage From Zero to Hero

Nissan is all set to launch its new SUV, the X-Trail, in India in 2023. The X-Trail is a premium crossover that offers a spacious cabin, a sleek design, and a host of features. But what about its engine and mileage? How does it perform on the road and how efficient is it? In this article, we will answer these questions and give you an overview of the upcoming Nissan X-Trail engine and mileage.

Upcoming Nissan X-Trail Engine

Upcoming Nissan X-Trail
Upcoming Nissan X-Trail

The Upcoming Nissan X-Trail will be powered by a 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine that is paired with a mild-hybrid system. This engine produces around 156 PS of power and 254 Nm of torque. The mild-hybrid system consists of a 48V battery and an electric motor that assist the engine during acceleration and braking. The system also enables the engine to switch off when the vehicle is coasting or idling, thereby saving fuel.

The Nissan X-Trail will come with an e-CVT transmission that offers smooth and seamless shifts. The e-CVT also has a manual mode that allows the driver to change gears using paddle shifters. The Nissan X-Trail will also have an option of a 4WD system that can distribute torque between the front and rear wheels depending on the road conditions.

Upcoming Nissan X-Trail Mileage

The Upcoming Nissan X-Trail is expected to deliver a decent mileage of 16.7 kmpl with the e-CVT transmission, according to Autocar India. This is higher than the mileage of some of its rivals, such as the Toyota Fortuner (10.26 kmpl) and the Ford Endeavour (13.9 kmpl). The mild-hybrid system also helps in improving the fuel efficiency of the X-Trail by reducing the load on the engine.

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The table below shows the comparison of the mileage of the Nissan X-Trail with some of its competitors:

ModelMileage (kmpl)
Nissan X-Trail16.7
Toyota Fortuner10.26
Ford Endeavour13.9
MG Gloster12.4
Hyundai Tucson15.38


The Upcoming Nissan X-Trail is a promising SUV that offers a powerful and efficient engine with a mild-hybrid system. The e-CVT transmission and the 4WD option also enhance the performance and handling of the vehicle. The mileage of the X-Trail is impressive, considering its size and segment. The Nissan X-Trail is expected to be priced around Rs. 40 lakh and will compete with other premium SUVs in the Indian market.

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Q: When will the Nissan X-Trail be launched in India?

A: The Nissan X-Trail is expected to be launched in India in early 2023.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Nissan X-Trail?

A: The Nissan X-Trail has a length of 4690 mm, a width of 1820 mm, a height of 1740 mm, and a wheelbase of 2705 mm.

Q: What are the features of the Nissan X-Trail?

A: The Nissan X-Trail will come with features such as LED headlights, panoramic sunroof, leather seats, dual-zone climate control, 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, wireless charging, Bose sound system, cruise control, blind spot monitor, lane keep assist, rear cross traffic alert, and more.

Q: How many variants and colours will be available for the Nissan X-Trail?

A: The Nissan X-Trail will be available in two variants: XL and XV. The colour options will include white, silver, black, blue, red, and green.

Q: How can I book or test drive the Nissan X-Trail?

A: You can visit your nearest Nissan dealership or visit their official website to book or test drive the Nissan X-Trail. You can also call their customer care number or fill an online enquiry form to get more details about the vehicle.

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