Maintain proper tyre pressure: Underinflated tyres can increase the rolling resistance and reduce the mileage of your CNG car. Check your tyre pressure regularly and keep it at the recommended level.

Avoid excessive idling: Idling your CNG car for long periods can waste fuel and lower your mileage. Turn off the engine when you are parked or waiting for more than a minute.

Reduce excessive weight: Carrying unnecessary items in your CNG car can add to its weight and increase the load on the engine. Remove any extra luggage or accessories that you don't need and keep your car as light as possible.

Keep an eye on air filter, clutch’s condition: A dirty air filter can restrict the airflow to the engine and affect its performance. A worn out clutch can also cause slippage and reduce the power transmission. Follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule for your CNG car and ensure that the air filter and clutch are in good condition.

Make use of the appropriate spark plug: CNG spark plugs have a shorter gap between the spark source and the plug's metallic tip. This helps in creating a better spark and improving the combustion efficiency. Use a spark plug that is specifically designed for CNG applications and change it every six months or 10,000 km.

Monitor CNG system: The CNG system of your car consists of various components such as cylinders, valves, regulators, injectors, etc. These components need to be checked regularly for any leaks or malfunctions. If you notice any problem with your CNG system, get it inspected and repaired by a qualified technician as soon as possible.

Drive smoothly: Driving your CNG car smoothly can help you save fuel and improve your mileage. Avoid sudden acceleration, braking, or changing gears frequently. Maintain a steady speed and follow the traffic rules. Use cruise control if available.

Choose the right gear: Driving your CNG car in the right gear can optimize its performance and fuel efficiency. Shift to a higher gear when the speed is sufficient and avoid driving at high RPMs. Use the lowest possible gear when climbing hills or carrying heavy loads.

Start on petrol, switch to CNG later: A simple trick to increase mileage of a CNG car is to start the car on petrol, drive for a kilometre or two and then switch to CNG. The reason for this is that the petrol warms up the engine and lubricates the internal moving parts. What is the end result? The engine runs smoothly, and your CNG vehicle gets higher mileage!

Plan your trips: Planning your trips in advance can help you avoid unnecessary detours, traffic jams, or road closures. Use a navigation app or device to find the best route to your destination. Try to avoid peak hours or congested roads. Combine multiple errands into one trip if possible.