Find out why red, green, yellow stickers are being put up on trains in Mumbai

Find out why red, green, yellow stickers are being put up on trains in Mumbai

Red Green Yellow Stickers in Mumbai, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has imposed strict restrictions in the state till April 30. Only essential items are allowed in the state. Unnecessary rotation is prohibited. So which stickers are affixed on your vehicles. Check it out once.

red green yellow stickers
red green yellow stickers


Strict restrictions in the state till April 30
Only required vehicles allowed in the state
The use of stickers by the government for this

red green yellow stickers

Second wave of Corona has hit the country recently. Maharastra Capital Mumbai has the highest number of cases in the country. Thousands of patients have seen in Mumbai every day. Therefore, special efforts are being made by the government to prevent this corona patient. Strict restrictions imposed in Maharashtra till April 30. Red, green, and yellow stickers had issued in Mumbai for this purpose.

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According to Mumbai Police, the new color coding sticker system is being used to prevent cases of the corona. Colored stickers made in 6-inch circles are being used on the vehicle. These stickers are available free of charge at checkpoints and toll plazas.

Red Sticker:

This red sticker is being used on such vehicles. Used on healthcare professionals such as doctors, medical staff. Also ambulances, and medical equipment suppliers or healthcare-related vehicles.

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Green Sticker:

This green sticker is use on vehicles carrying daily necessities. Like food, fruits, vegetables, groceries, and essential items like dairy products.

Yellow sticker:

This sticker which looks like yellow or orange color is being used for officials and government employees. The sticker can be use by vehicles for Mumbai Municipal Corporation employees. Also essential services, employees of the Department of Electricity and Telecommunications, or media persons.

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Strict action in case of misuse of sticker

Mumbai Police Commissioner Hemant Nagrale told the media that the stickers should be use only by those who are fit. Otherwise, they will be severely punished. They can be prosecuted for misusing stickers.

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