HOPE Electric Scooter: Travel around the city for only 1 rupee, no license required, scooter price is very low

In India, petrol and diesel prices have crossed hundreds, making driving difficult. But now, if you want to tour the whole city on a bike, there is good news for you. You can travel up to one kilometer for only 20 paise without a license.

HOPE Electric Scooter
HOPE Electric Scooter


Home electric scooter launch
Walk 1 km for 20 paise
No license and registration required

Companies are currently launching electric scooters in view of the growing demand for electric scooters. Which has tremendous features. But, today we are going to give you information about one such scooter. Which scooter is pretty overwhelming. You can travel up to 1 km for just 20 paise. The electric scooter was launched on the 18th of last month. The name of this scooter is HOPE.

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Top Speed

The HOPE Electric Scooter offers a top speed of 25 kmph. You do not need a driver’s license or registration to operate it. In addition, purchasing this scooter can take advantage of the discounts available on electric vehicles. This electric scooter is power by modern technology like a battery management system.

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The data monitoring system, and pedal-assist unit. It supports IoT. Which always informs customers about your scooter through data analytics. Its battery management system makes it unique. So it was a matter of saving the battery. Users can easily get information about the battery charge, speed, voltage, GPS location, and the trip of the vehicle by logging in to the app.

HOPE Electric Scooter Charging Time

The HOPE electric scooter comes with a portable charger and a portable lithium-ion battery. Which can be charge from a common plug used in the house. It can be fully charged in just 4 hours. Also in 3.10 hours, you can charge it up to 80%. Once charged, it can travel up to 75 kilometers. It comes with a two-capacity battery.

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Price & Other

Gallios Mobility is one of those companies. In which the scooter has special features like a pedal-assist system. Users can use the pedal or throttle at their convenience. In addition, it has reverse mode technology for convenient parking. This scooter is made of a lightweight, strong frame. Its structure and its lean design give it the ability to get out of heavy traffic. The starting price of this scooter is only Rs 46,999.

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