Toyota Glanza Hatchback Gets Recalled for Potential Fuel Pump Motor Issue

Attention Toyota Glanza owners! Toyota Kirloskar Motor has announced a recall for over 2,300 Glanza hatchbacks manufactured between April 2nd, 2019 and October 6th, 2019. The reason for the recall is a potential issue with the fuel pump motor, which could lead to the engine stalling unexpectedly. This can be dangerous, especially while driving on busy roads.

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Here’s a quick breakdown of the situation:

  • Affected Vehicles: 2,305 Toyota Glanza hatchback units produced between April 2nd, 2019 and October 6th, 2019.
  • Potential Problem: Faulty fuel pump motor that might cause engine stalling.
  • What Toyota Will Do: Toyota will be contacting all affected car owners directly to schedule a free inspection and repair of the fuel pump motor.

Peace of Mind for Glanza Owners

Toyota has assured customers that the rectification process will be completely free of charge. This is a proactive step taken by Toyota to ensure the safety and reliability of their vehicles.

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More About the Toyota Glanza

While this recall applies only to older Glanza models, it’s good to know that the current Glanza continues to be a strong contender in the hatchback segment. Available in four variants (E, S, G, and V) with both manual and automatic transmissions, the Glanza offers a 1.2-liter petrol engine and an optional CNG variant.

Toyota Unveils New Taisor SUV

In happier Toyota news, the automaker is set to unveil their brand new Taisor SUV today, April 3rd, 2024. Based on the Maruti Suzuki Fronx, the Taisor will boast a unique identity with a fresh front grille, redesigned wheels, updated bumpers, and a new interior design.

Stay Informed!

If you own a Toyota Glanza manufactured between the dates mentioned, keep an eye out for communication from Toyota regarding the recall. You can also reach out to your nearest Toyota dealership for more information.

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