7 New Interesting Features of the Upcoming Toyota Venza SUV: The Hyundai Creta & Kia Seltos Rival

The automotive landscape is buzzing with the anticipation of the Upcoming Toyota Venza SUV, a promising rival to the popular Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos. With its expected launch in India, car enthusiasts are eager to see how this vehicle stacks up against its well-established competitors.

7 Features of Upcoming Toyota Venza SUV

Upcoming Toyota Venza SUV
  1. Hybrid Powertrain: The Upcoming Toyota Venza SUV comes with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine combined with three electric motors, delivering a total system horsepower of 219.
  2. All-Wheel Drive: Standard across all models, providing enhanced stability and traction in various driving conditions.
  3. Advanced Safety: Equipped with Toyota Safety Sense 2.5, Blind Spot Monitor, and Rear Cross Traffic Alert for a safer driving experience.
  4. Cutting-Edge Technology: A 12.3-inch Toyota Audio Multimedia display and a 10-inch color Head-Up Display keep you connected and in control.
  5. Luxury Seating: Offers a comfortable and quiet cabin with noise-reducing features and luxury seating options.
  6. Efficiency: Predictive Efficient Drive (PED) technology and regenerative braking contribute to impressive fuel efficiency.
  7. Distinctive Design: The Nightshade Edition offers premium exterior color options with black trim elements for a sleek, modern look.

Expected Launch Date & Price in India

Upcoming Toyota Venza SUV

While there’s no official confirmation, the Toyota Venza is expected to launch in India in 2023. The price could range between ₹38-42 Lakhs INR, depending on the production strategy adopted by Toyota.


The Toyota Venza SUV is shaping up to be a formidable contender in the mid-size SUV segment. With its blend of efficiency, luxury, and technology, it’s poised to challenge the dominance of the Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos in the Indian market. Car buyers have much to look forward to with the Venza’s arrival.

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